The field notes magazine comes out 5 times a year in a print edition of 15 thousand copies.

If you would like to register an event on the Concert Calendar please use the form provided under Enter event. All entered information will be exported at the end of the month for the print version of the Concert Calendar in the field notes magazine.

For Concert Announcements in the field notes magazine please write an E-Mail with all relevant information about the event. (Download Check-List Communication)


Editorial deadlines

September / October edition 2019

Attention: Press Deadline for the Month of Contemporary Music!

Concert Announcements: 16th of June 2019
Concert Calendar: 30th of June 2019

November / December edition 2019

Concert Announcements: 15th of September 2019
Concert Calendar: 30th of September 2019

January / February edition 2020

Attention: Early editorial deadline for bank holidays!

Concert Announcements: 10th of November 2019
Concert Calendar: 20th of November 2019

March / April edition 2020

Concert Announcements: 15th of January 2020
Concert Calendar: 30th of January 2020


The information you provide will be proof read, edited and added to the database. The registered events will then also be published in the printed version of field notes.

All entries made after this the editorial deadline can still be added on the website but will not appear in the printed version of field notes.